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Reference: QUIMI00025

Brand: Pecfix

Cola E Veda Special Gray 300ml - Pecfix

Collage and FencePolyurethane (PU) based adhesive sealant that cures in contact with the atmosphere, with excellent bonding, sealing and sealing characteristics on various types of substrates used in civil construction and the automotive industry. Can be painted, varnished and polished after dry. Adheres in concrete, glass, wood, pvc, aluminum, steel,...

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Metal and Locksmithing

Metal and Locksmithing

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Reference: FTAMPA010

Galvanized Cover Rasa 40x40

Galvanized cover, passable to visit rainwater, wells, artesian holes, cesspools, and basic sanitation (hoop allows the cancellation of bad smells).

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Reference: FTAMPA014

Galvanized cover 2.50cmx30 deep

Galvanized passable cover for visiting rainwater, with the possibility of applying cement, granite or any type of pavement such as tiles and etc;Ideal for placing over wells, artesian wells, pits, and basic sanitation (rim allows the elimination of bad smells)Paving depth 2.5 cm.

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