Reference: TUBCORV006

Double wall corrugated tube 40mm Green-meter

Corrugated 40mm Ited tube special for telecommunications, it is applied essentially in underground conduits for electric cables. The smooth interior and the corrugated exterior provide an improvement in resistance to compression and impact, making the flexibility constant, which facilitates the installation of electrical cables.Price per meter of tube.

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Reference: DROG00851

Brand: Macfer

12x13 MacFer spanner

Spanner or 12x13 fixed wrench from MacFer is a model used to tighten or loosen screws of the hexagonal or square models.It is a versatile tool and it is essential for carrying out preventive and corrective installations and maintenance.Excellent resistance and durability.

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Reference: CORTE0105

Brand: Macfer

230 MacFer segmented diamond wheel

Diamond segmented disc 230.Concrete cutting disc, construction brick, hydraulic mosaic, stone, normal tile, tile among others for angle grinders.Diamond: 230mmHole: 22.23mmRPM / Max: 6,600Cool every 60-80 sec.Excellent performance and high resistance.

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