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    Construcion tools and reparation

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    The end of infiltrations

  • sanitary ware

Reference: ELECTR0246

T5 Ruler Led 16W 6400K 120cm - Axinite

T5 LED strips equipped with everything needed for direct connection to the power grid, saving more than 50% compared to traditional fluorescent tubes.They provide a higher quality of light without scintillation or ultraviolet radiation, and they start instantly.No maintenance and long life.Color white

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Um Mundo de Soluções na Blofer

Referência: DROG00826

Small zinced mousetrap (cage type)

Ecological mousetrap type cage, in zinc plated steel trapdoor.Built in galvanized steel.Ideal for areas to avoid chemicals for rats.Dimensions 20cm x 12cm x 10cmPossibility to catch medium-sized rodents, rats, rats, etc.

Preço €6.65

Referência: APEN000097

Special Central Aspiration Kit w / Mang. On-Off 9mt.

Standard kit + hose with on / off control1. Dual function brush2. Brush for sofas3.Dust brush for furniture4. Corner brush5. Brush holder6. Extendable chrome tube7. Extendable support8. Hose holder9. Horsehair brush with wheels10. Hose On / Off 9mts - With handle and rotating terminal (increases the durability of your hose)Adapts to all types of sockets...

Preço €109.99

Referência: TUBTOR00116

Flexible connection for shower 2mt

Flexible connection in stainless steel for hydraulic installations and connection of showers, stalls, mixers and etc. Made of stainless steel, it has brass terminals with a sealing ring for a simplified installation and Ø 1/2 '' thread.

Preço €6.59
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