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    The end of infiltrations

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    Construcion tools and reparation

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Reference: DROG01015

Grass Divider Green 12.5cm - Metro

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Delimitador de lava is the ideal separator to be applied in gardens, facilitating the construction of the garden. It reduces garden maintenance costs (labor) and maintains its original shape, preventing the spread of the grass, the loss of the bark applied, etc., ensuring a beautiful garden.

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Reference: TUBCORV006

Double wall corrugated tube 40mm Green-meter

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Corrugated 40mm Ited tube special for telecommunications, it is applied essentially in underground conduits for electric cables. The smooth interior and the corrugated exterior provide an improvement in resistance to compression and impact, making the flexibility constant, which facilitates the installation of electrical cables.Price per meter of tube.

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Um Mundo de Soluções na Blofer

Reference: QUIMI00044

Chemical Polyester Bushing 300ml

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Chemical Polyester Bushing CHEMIRES is a two-component chemical resin, with a formulation derived from polyester resin. It has high adhesion capacity and is mainly intended for anchoring threaded rods in concrete and for construction work in hollow walls. easy application for medium loads Use in outdoor environments High solids content Easy extrusion and...

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Reference: DROG00845

Metal Mesh Face Protection Visor

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The face shield visor is designed to protect the face and eyes from flying debris that may arise while working. This visor is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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